World Missions Collection

The weekend of November 19-20, 2016, the World Missions Collection will be taken up in all parishes in the Diocese. As you are already aware, this collection supports the missionary activity of the Church throughout the world. It takes the place of seven collections which otherwise would be conducted by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops at various times during the year. We do this in order to reduce the number of times we ask parishioners to support the local, national and world-wide Church. It also takes the burden of conducting and planning each of the national collections off parish staff so they can devote their time and energy to other matters.

The World Missions Collection will be a direct mail only – no pew envelopes or TYVEK envelopes will be provided. All pledge envelopes will be pre-addressed and donors will be asked to mail their gift directly to the Diocese. If they place the envelope in the collection basket, simply mail the envelope to the Diocese.

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