In compliance with Diocesan guidelines, the Catholic Parishes of Walla Walla have taken steps to ensure that ALL children and vulnerable adults served by our volunteers are protected.  ALL volunteers serving on behalf of our parishes must complete the “Volunteer For Ministry” course offered annually. To sign up for this class, simply contact Sue Logsdon.  Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.  We ask that if you have taken the class in a location other than Walla Walla that you submit a copy to the parish office for our records.  After you have fulfilled this initial class, all annual renewals will be done online.

For ministries serving children and vulnerable adults, this is a mandatory requirement by the Diocese.  In addition, volunteers serving in these ministries (which include but are not limited to Faith Formation & Youth Ministry teachers, aides & chaperones, Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound, Nursing Home & Hospitals) must also submit a background check form and maintain a cleared background check on file with us as long as they are serving in these ministries.  Background checks are good for 3 years.  In addition to keeping your Background check current, your Safe Environment Volunteer course must be renewed annually.  The annual update is done online.  You need only do ONE per year as long as you serve in ministry. Repeating the “Volunteer for Ministry” course does NOT fulfill your annual update obligation.

If you do not have a computer or online capability, please contact the parish office to arrange for alternate means of fulfilling this requirement.  The intent is not to make this a difficult process, but to aide you in your ministry as well as to protect all involved.  We are here to help in any way we can, as we appreciate your willingness to become involved in ministry.  If you are unsure whether or not your ministry requires you to complete the Safe Environment Class or Background Check, please contact the Sue Logsdon.

Diocesan Policy 7.01.02 – Responding to Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Inappropriate Behavior by Church Personnel
Póliza diocesana 7.01.02 – Responder a Alegaciones de Abuso Sexual y Conducta Inapropiada por Personal De La Iglesia

Safe Environment Coordinator Information and Form
Form 302 – Pastor’s Letter
Safe Environment Coordinator Training (Microsoft Powerpoint)

Committee for Children (to order videos)
Children Help
Virtus Online
Safe Environment Annual Online Test

Training Information for Children/Youth and Forms
Form 101 – Virtus Safe Environment training: Children/Youth Roster
Form 105 – Agreement for Youth Volunteer working with Minors
Forma 105A – Spanish version
Form 106 – Parental Denial of Permission to Participate & Absence Form
Forma 106A – Spanish version

Training Information for Adults and Forms
Safe Environment Training for Adult Volunteers (Code of Conduct Microsoft Powerpoint)
Spanish version
Form 201 – Safe Environment Training Attendance Roster
Forma 201A – Spanish version
Form 202 – Safe Environment Training Certificate of Attendance
Forma 202A Spanish version
Form 203 – Code of Conduct
Forma 203A – Spanish version
Form 206 – Disclosure Statement
Forma 206A – Spanish version
Form 208 – Process for Background Investigation for Volunteers, Clergy, and Employees
Form 303 – Safe Environment Background Consent & Training Summary
Forma 303A – Spanish Version
Entrusted To Our Care Video ( 20.5 minutes)
Spanish Version (23.4 minutes)

Reporting Suspected Abuse
“When any person, in his or her official supervisory capacity with a nonprofit or for-profit organization, has reasonable cause to believe that a minor has suffered abuse or neglect caused by a person over whom he or she regularly exercises supervisory authority, he or she shall report such incident, or cause a report to be made, to the proper law enforcement agency, provided that the person alleged to have caused the abuse or neglect is employed by, contracted by, or volunteers with the organization and coaches, trains, educates, or counsels a minor(s) or regularly has unsupervised access to a minor(s) as part of the employment, contract, or voluntary service.”  In other words, volunteers who supervise other volunteers who work with minors are required to report any suspected abuse by others whom they supervise.  Sited from RCW (1) (b).

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