Walla Walla Catholic Parishes

Additional Mass Schedule
St. Mark’s, Waitsburg, 5:00 PM Sunday
St. Mary’s Medical Center, 11:00 AM, Tuesday & Thursday
Park Manor, 10:00 AM, 1st Friday of Each Month
Odd Fellows, 10:00 AM, 2nd Friday of Each Month
Garrison Creek/Eagle Meadows, 10:00 AM, 3rd Friday of Each Month
Wheatland Village, 10:00 AM, 4th Friday of Each Month

Tuesday 6:45AM (St. Francis)
Wednesday 4:30PM (St. Patrick)
Friday 9:00AM (Assumption)
Saturday 4:00PM (Assumption)
Sunday 11:00AM (St. Patrick)

Baptism: Contact the Parish Office
Marriage: Contact the Parish Office
Pastor: Fr. Matthew Nicks, 525-1602
Parochial Vicars: Fr. David Gaines, 525-8163
Fr. Esteban Soler, 525-8163
Assumption School: Mr. John Lesko, Principal, 525-9283
DeSales High School: Lynn Kuntz, Principal, 525-3030
Tri-Parish Religious Education: Sr. Margarita Hernandez , 529-5141
Assistant Director Religious Education – Spanish: Mrs. Imelda Robles, 525-1602
Youth Minister: Mary White, 525-1602
Natural Family Planning: Kathy Martuscelli, 529-1020
Prayer Chain: Rose Brown, 525-2488