Tri Parish Social Concerns Committee

Have you been looking for a way to help out people in Walla Walla who need food in order to live? Are you looking for a project that won’t take away all of your free time? Something that will only happen two to three times a year?

Catholic Social Concerns Ministry (CSCM) is making a change in the food program and we are looking for an active member from each parish to be a food program leader. In brief, two or three times a year we will have a concentrated effort to focus on food donations. This effort would be conducted at all three parishes and coordinated with the (CSCM). It is not meant to replace the weekly food or cash donations but make it more focused several times a year. If you would like to volunteer or want more information contact Pat Leamer at 529-5850 /

Pope Francis on Lent, quoting St. John Chrysostom: “No act of virtue can be great if it is not followed by advantage for others. So, no matter how much time you spend fasting, no matter how much you sleep on a hard floor and eat ashes and sigh continually, if you do no good to others, you do nothing great.”

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