Thank you to Fr. Dave Pivonka

A huge thank you to Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR Franciscan, for the great mission he led for our Catholic parishes. It was inspiring, challenging and entertaining. And many thanks to the following people who made this mission possible: Know Love & Serve Leadership Committee for selecting the mission. The Adult Ed committee for hosting it and providing the behind the scenes support. Kay Barga, Marguerite Daltoso, Mary Jane Fehrenbacher, Allen Kopf and helpers for the socials. Those who provided music; Greg Fazzari for selling the books. Our parish priests for their support and participation. Berney Neal and helpers for childcare. Jackie Keyes Delaney as MC and Fr. Dave’s chauffeur.

If you didn’t get an opportunity to buy any of Fr. Pivonka’s books, please go to Amazon or to Fr. Dave’s website His series on the Holy Spirit is free to view at that web site. Donations to Fr. Pivonka’s ministry may still be made by writing a check to the  Franciscans and directing it to the parish.

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