St. Anthony Mary Claret – October 24th

St. Anthony Mary Claret was a monk and a mystic. Born in Catalonia, Spain, from a young age, Anthony knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. He was ordained at age 27 and busied himself preaching, organizing conferences for clergy, and writing. Zeal for the salvation of souls spurred him on to preach an estimated 25,000 sermons, write 144 books, and preach countless missions. During his mission work, he accepted no money and walked everywhere. He had only one pair of shoes, one set of clothes and a few books. He neither ate meat nor drank wine, and slept only 3 – 5 hours per night. After one remarkable mission, Father Claret’s bishop wrote: “this town has never seen the likes of this. Enemies are at peace. Scandals have been ended. Broken marriages are repaired. Restitutions have been made. No one can withstand the fire of his preaching, the kindness of his manner.” The secret of his success was LOVE. He summed it up this way: “Love is the most necessary of all virtues. Love in the person who preaches the word of God is like fire in a musket. If a person were to throw a bullet with his hands, he would hardly make a dent in anything; but if the person takes the same bullet and ignites some gunpowder behind it, it can kill. It is much the same with the word of God. If it is spoken by someone who is filled with the fire of charity – the fire of love of God and neighbor – it will work wonders.” Anthony Mary Claret established a publishing house, founded several orders and spread devotion to the Holy Rosary. He was canonized in 1950.

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