Social Concerns

Pope Francis: “I would like to draw attention to the tens of thousands of children who migrate alone, unaccompanied to escape poverty and violence. This is a category of migrants from Central America and Mexico who cross the border with the United States under extreme conditions and in pursuit of a hope that in most cases turns out to be vain….This humanitarian emergency requires, as a first urgent measure, these children be welcomed and protected.” Mexico Holy See colloquium on human migration and development, July 14, 2014.

FIFTH WEEK OF LENT – HUNGERING TO GROW A NEW TOMORROW: This week’s CRS Rice Bowl country is the island nation of Madagascar off the east coast of Africa. We’re reminded of the important role farmers play in caring for God’s creation. As we prepare out meals throughout the week, let us reflect on where our food comes from – and what role we can play in caring for our environment.

Visit for more. Don’t forget to put coins in your rice bowl to help CRS reach out to the hungry in our world in so many ways.

Feed the Hungry: Thank you so much for your ongoing generous donations of non-perishabke food and checks to BMAC Food Bank which stretch your food dollars 6X or more. Pat Leamer is still looking for a leader from each parish to help increase, as part of our liturgy, our awareness of the critical need for food and the joy of sharing God’s bounty. Pat: 529-5850,

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