Social Concerns

Pope Francis: “The Church, without frontiers, Mother to all, spreads throughout the world a culture of acceptance and solidarity, in which no one is seen as useless, out of place, or disposable.” 9/3/14

Feed the Hungry: Thank you so much for your generosity in contributing dollars and non-perishable foods. Check out these impressive figures:
Cash donations to BMAC in 2015, St. Patrick’s, $2,232.50, St. Francis, $185, Assumption, $1370.
Cash donations to BMAC, January-April, 2016: St.Patrick’s, $1958.80, St. Francis, $475, Assumption, $410.
Pounds of food donated to BMAC, St. Patrick’s, 2015: 2,605 lbs
Pounds of food donated to BMAC, St. Patrick’s, January-April, 2016, 881 lbs
Pounds of food donated to St. Vincent’s, St. Francis & Assumption, 2015, 2,400 lbs
Pounds of food donated to St. Vincent’s, St. Francis & Assumption, January-April, 2016, 800 lbs
Please keep up the good work and remember to bring nonperishable food and/or a cash donation every week. It would be great to bring even more food!

CRS Rice Bowl Contributions: A big thank you to everyone who sacrificed during Lent to help those in need around the world. Total contributions of 3 parishes: $1483.48. Thanks to Judy Pinney who coordinated the effort.

Social Concerns Meeting: Change of time and place: New info: Wednesday, 7 pm, May 18, St. Patrick’s, John of the Cross room. Come share your ideas.

Homeless Solutions: Tuesday, June 14, 7-8:30 pm, John of the Cross room. Come watch a video of Dan Bryant’s presentation about the successful Opportunity Village Tiny Home Community in Eugene, Oregon. Representatives from the Walla Walla Alliance for the Homeless will speak about their efforts to create a similar tiny home project in Walla Walla.

Homeless Lunches: Different WW churches offer free lunches every day. The Congregational Church, which offers lunches on Wednesdays, could use some more hands. If you would like to help set up, serve, wash dishes, clean up, in one hour shifts, 11 am- 2 pm, contact Beth Call, 529-0216,

Second Harvest Food Bank: Kay Barga is again leading the effort to distribute much needed produce, Wed, June 1, 11 am-1 pm. If you would like to help, contact Kay,

Birthright Giving Tree: Thank you so much to everyone who helped expectant moms and newborns meet their needs and rejoice

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