Sacramental Prep & Religious Education K-5

Joyfully, we welcome our children to our Faith formation program which started on September 28th. It was amazing to see all the children full of energy and enthusiasm. Please, keep our children in your prayers; also pray for all the volunteers who generously give their time and talents for the formation of our children. Parents, remember the first school is HOME. You as a parent need to open your heart and eyes to see and to feel God’s LOVE. We as adults need to be good examples for God’s children. Thank God for all our catechists and committed parents. May God continue helping us to be better disciples.

Director, Sr. Margarita Hernandez, SP, 529-5141
Religious Education Office, 408 W. Poplar, Walla Walla
Office hours: 9-5PM / Monday-Thursday
All classes are held in the St. Patrick Education wing on Wednesdays.

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