From the Pastor – March 12, 2017

frmnicks_mug_smallAs we enter into the third part of Vatican II’s teaching on the liturgy we are invited to look outside of the Mass itself to the Sacraments and sacramentals that flow from it. Perhaps the most important thing we can consider as we enter into this chapter is the difference between a Sacrament and a sacramental. For the sake of brevity, we will only consider the Sacraments in general today.

As we all know, there are seven sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage, and Holy Orders. These are the primary tools or instruments that Jesus Christ entrusted to his Church to bring souls to heaven.

Therefore, these are the first two aspects of every Sacrament. First and foremost, they were made by Jesus Christ. We cannot make a Sacrament. They work, not because of their symbolic value, but because the God-man said they would. Second, they have one primary purpose, to help bring souls to heaven. Thus the origin and end of Sacraments is God.

In addition to having their origin and end in God, each sacrament is comprised of two aspects: from and matter. The matter is something concrete and tangible—for example, the pouring of water in Baptism. The matter is the ‘stuff’ of the sacrament. However, water is just water until something more is added. We call this additional element the “form” of a Sacrament.

The form is primarily the words that are used to confer the Sacrament. In the case of Baptism, Christ himself supplied the words as we hear at the end of the Gospel of Matthew: “Go make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” It is the pouring of water with these words that distinguishes a Baptism from a bath.

When the proper form and matter are present, each sacrament infallibly causes a supernatural effect in the souls of those who receive them. For example, Baptism imparts the forgiveness of original sin and all personal sin; it grants the indwelling of the Holy Spirit with everything that comes along with His presence in us.

A surprising truth about a Sacrament is that the person giving a sacrament does not even necessarily need to believe in it for it to work. In an emergency, for example, an atheist nurse can successfully baptize a premature baby in danger of death.

The emergency baptism is successful, because the origin and end of a Sacrament is God. It is His work, not ours. Therefore, each and every one of the sacraments is always the liturgy—the work of God.

In Christ,
Fr. Nicks

Carta del Parroco – 12 de Marzo 2017

frmnicks_mug_smallMientras que entramos en la tercera parte del Vaticano su enseñanza en la liturgia nos invita a mirar fuera de la Misa misma a los Sacramentos y sacramentales que fluyen de ella. Quizá la cosa más importante que podemos considerar mientras que entramos en este capitulo es la diferencia entre un Sacramento y un sacramental. Por la brevedad, solamente consideraremos los Sacreamentos en general hoy. Como todos los sabemos hay siete sacramentos: Bautismo, Confirmación, Eucaristia, Reconciliación, Unción de los enfermos, Matrimonio y Ordenes Santas. Estas son las herramientas o instrumentos que Jesucristo encomendó a su Iglesia para atraer las almas al cielo.

Entonces, estos son los primeros dos aspectos de cada Sacramento. Primero que nada y ante todo, fueron hechos por Jesucristo. Nosotros no podemos hacer un Sacramento. Ellos trabajan, no por su valor simbólico, sino porque Dios-hombre lo dijo asi. En Segundo lugar, tienen un propósito primario, ayudar a traer almas al cielo. Entonces el origen y final de los Sacramentos es Dios.

Aparte de tener su origen y final en Dios, cada sacramento está comprendido en dos aspectos: forma y materia. La materia es algo concreto y tangible—por ejemplo, el derramar agua en el bautismo. La materia es el agua del sacramento. Aunque el agua es solo agua hasta que algo más es añadido. Llamamos a este elemento adicional la “forma” de un Sacramento.

La forma es primeramente las palabras que son usadas para conferir el Sacramento. En el caso del Bautismo, Cristo mismo supple las palabras como escuchamos al final del Evangelio de Mateo: “Vayan y hagan discipulos de todas las naciones, bautizándolos en el nombre del Padre del Hijo y del Espiritu Santo.” Es el derramamiento del agua con estas palabras que distingue un Bautismo de un baño. Cuando la apropiada forma y materia están presentes, cada sacramento infaliblemente causa un efecto supernatural en las almas de aquellos que lo reciben. Por ejemplo, el Bautismo imparte el perdón del pecado original y todos los pecados personales; nos otorga la morada del Espiritu Santo con todo lo que viene con su presencia en nosotros.

Una verdad sorprendente acerca de un sacramento es que la persona impartiendo el sacramento ni siquiera tiene que creer en el necesariamente para que pueda trabajar. En una emergencia, por ejemplo, una enfermera atea puede exitosamente bautizar a un bebé premature en peligro de muerte. El bautismo es válido, porque el origen y el final de un sacramento es Dios. Es su trabajo, no el nuestro. Entonces, cada uno de los sacramentos es siempre la liturgia—el trabajo de Dios.

En Cristo,

Padre Nicks

Solemnity Mass of St. Patrick

Please join us for the Solemnity Mass of St. Patrick.

March 17th, 5:30 PM, St. Patrick Church

Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner to follow in Blanchett Hall.

No Charge, Donations Welcome!

You are invited to bring a Dessert to share.

Adult Drinks available for a $3 donation.

Those who attend are dispensed from abstinence and can eat Corned Beef.

Catholic Daughters of America

Catholic Daughters will have their next meeting on Tuesday, March 14, at St. Patrick’s John of the Cross room. The rosary begins at 6:30 pm and meeting at 7:00 pm. We would love to have any Catholic woman join us for the evening.

If you are interested in Catholic Daughters, please contact Elaine Bluhm at 509-525-4728.

Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

yamYoung Adult Ministry (YAM) is a group of Catholic young adults, (18-30s) from the Walla Walla and Milton-Freewater area. Join us as we strive to live fully alive through encounter with Christ!

*Monday Nights: from 7:30 to 9:00pm


Please come to these upcoming YAM events!

March 13, Issue Night @ Assumption, Walla Walla Topic: The 5 Non Negotiable
March 20, Scripture Night @ Martha & Mollie‘s house/ Bible study- Bring your bible & notebooks!
March 27, Prayer Night @ St. Francis, Walla Walla Liturgy of the Hours Evening Prayer


Like us on Facebook! (YAM of Walla-Milton)
More info:

Tri-Parish Senior Luncheon

The next Tri-Parish Senior Luncheon will be at Assumption Parish Hall, Thursday, March 16 at 11:30 a.m. Sr. Helen will speak on “Providence in My Life.” The parishes now provide soups and bread, table service, beverages, and desserts. You don’t need to bring anything! All senior parishioners and those who assist them are always welcome!

Following Christ – A Seven Week Journey!

We would Like to give a Special Thank you to all the people responsible for helping out with the last 7 Weeks of the Following Christ Series. It was a wonderful gift to our community. Greg Fazzari and a team of wonderful helpers did an amazing job organizing and made it all possible. Each of the following provided Refreshments for one of the sessions, Assumption’s Women’s Group ,The Knights of Columbus, The Catholic Daughters of America, St. Patrick’s Parish Women, Rob & Kathy Moore and St. Francis Altar Society. The Retreat dinner was supplied by Rod and Kim Fazzari. Martha Jimenez and helpers provided Childcare each week. Andrew and Berney Neal along with Fr. Gaines led the beautiful music. Marguerite Daltoso did a tremendous job with hospitality and organizing the refreshments. Mike Neal did a great job as M.C. Our wonderful priests: Father Matthew Nicks, Father David Gaines and Father Kyle Ratuiste led inspiring talks each week (which can be heard on the APP). Also, a special thank you to everyone who faithfully attended any or all of the Following Christ series. Thank you Everyone!

Upcoming School Events

Community Open House, Freshmen Signing, Forms Night: Tuesday, March 14, 5:30pm at DeSales.

Open Enrollment for New Families: Begins Wednesday, March 15th.

Family Movie Afternoon: Sunday, March 26th, 2pm @ DeSales. All Walla Walla Parish families are invited to a Family Movie Afternoon!

Junior Encounter

The DeSales Class of 2018 will be attending the Junior Encounter retreat this weekend. Hosted by a team of seniors, faculty, and other volunteers, the Encounter is our largest and most important retreat of the high school sequence. Please keep the students and their dedicated leaders in your prayers Saturday through Monday, March 11-13. The Junior Encounter program is a special retreat designed to help the student better know and love him/herself, others, and God.

Join us for Solemn Night Prayer and Benediction!

Join us for Solemn Night Prayer and Benediction!
6:30pm at St. Patrick Church.

Sunday evenings during Lent; March 12th, March 19th, March 26th, April 2 and April 9th

Break away from the cares of the world and experience grace, healing and restoration before our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament with Adoration, Benediction, prayer and glorious music. All are welcome!

Catholic Social Concerns Ministry

Pope Francis: “The Apostle Paul tells us that ‘the love of money is the root of all evils’ (1Tim 6:10) It is the main cause of corruption and a source of envy, strife, and suspicion. Money can come to dominate us, even to the point of becoming a tyrannical idol…Money can chain us and the entire world to a selfish logic that leaves no room for love and hinders peace.” Message for Lent, 2017

Food for the Hungry: Thank you to all the children and adults who handed out empty grocery bags last weekend! We hope you remembered to bring them back full of non-perishable food items for the hungry this weekend. Please place them in front of the altar as part of our offering. If you forgot, please return them next weekend. The need is great!

CRS Rice Bowl: Please remember to put a daily offering in your Rice Bowl to help CRS provide a hand up to families in poverty around the world. Week 1: The Singh family in India. CRS is helping a mother and father in India use innovative farming techniques to feed their family amidst a flood. Week 2: CRS is helping Evelina & other mothers in her community in Zambia learn new ways to provide nutritious meals for their growing children and families. How do we ensure that those who are hungry have not only food but true nourishment? Visit to learn more.

“For our own community in Walla Walla, that we may follow Pope Francis’ example in learning the names, faces,and stories of our brother and sisters who are suffering from hunger, we pray to the Lord.”

Immigration and Refugee Legal Services: Tim Meliah, Director of WW Catholic Charities, has announced that an immigration lawyer from the Diocese of Spokane, will now be visiting WW one or two times/month to help with immigration concerns. Call 509-455-4961 to make an appointment.

Wendy Hernandez,, 525-2034, Walla Walla immigration attorney who prepared the “Know your Rights” presentation delivered after Spanish Masses.February 25, 26, is also an excellent source of information and assistance.

Welcoming the Stranger: Deuteronomy 10:19 “You shall love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

Stations of the Cross, 2017

Stations begin at 7:00 pm
Friday, March 3 – St. Francis
Friday, March 10 – Assumption
Friday, March 17 – St Patrick, Mass 5:30
Friday, March 24 – St. Francis
Friday, March 31 – Assumption

Knights of Columbus Fish Fries

Knights of Columbus Michael Flohr Council 766 will be serving Lenten meals prior to Stations of the Cross from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on Fridays.

The rotation for Stations of the Cross for the four Fridays we will be serving meals is:
St. Francis, March 3
Assumption, March 10
St. Francis, March 24
Assumption, March 31.

We will be serving breaded cod fillets and french fries along with clam chowder and coleslaw. Containers are available for to-go orders. We have three fish and/or clam chowder meal options for $8 each. Discounted rates apply for families for more than four meals. Proceeds to benefit Catholic Schools, Parishes and local seminarians.

St. Perpetua and Felicity – March 7th

“When my father in his affection for me was trying to turn me from my purpose by arguments and thus weaken my faith, I said to him, “Do you see this vessel—waterpot or whatever it may be? Can it be called by any other name than what it is?‘ “No,‘ he replied. “So also I cannot call myself by any other name than what I am—a Christian.‘” So writes Perpetua: of Carthage in North Africa. She was a young, beautiful, well-educated noblewoman and mother of an infant son. Perpetua‘s mother was a Christian and her father a pagan. He continually pleaded with her to deny her faith. She refused and was imprisoned at age 22. In her diary, Perpetua describes her period of captivity: “What a day of horror! Terrible heat, rough treatment by the soldiers! To crown all, I was tormented with anxiety for my baby…. Such anxieties I suffered for many days, but I obtained leave for my baby to remain in the prison with me, and being relieved of my trouble and anxiety for him, I at once recovered my health, and my prison became a palace to me and I would rather have been there than anywhere else.” Despite threats of persecution and death, Perpetua, Felicity–a slave woman and expectant mother–and three companions, refused to renounce their Christian faith. For their unwillingness, all were sent to the public games in the amphitheater. There Perpetua and Felicity were beheaded, and the others killed by beasts. Felicity gave birth to a baby girl a few days before her death. Excerpted from from