Mass time change to 5:00pm at Assumption beginning Christmas Eve

Assumption Parishioners approached members of the pastoral council some time ago about considering the possibility of changing the Assumption Saturday evening Mass time back to its original 5:00 PM slot. Various reasons were given, including reducing night time driving for some of the older members of our community. Under the advice of the Assumption pastoral council, a survey was announced and subsequently conducted on the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Those who were not present were invited to contact the office to share their preference. The options were three: Maintain the new Mass time of 5:30 PM, return to the original Mass time of 5:00 PM, or “Indifferent.” There were 130 survey responses with the following breakout:

Indifferent: 17
5:30 PM: 22
5:00 PM: 91

Considering the strong preference indicated in the surveys, the vigil Mass at Assumption will be moved to 5PM beginning Christmas Eve.

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