Know, Love & Serve Results: St. Patrick

The following are the top 5 DREAMS (Goals) that St. Patrick parishioners (English) identified in their survey and the parish event for Know, Love & Serve.

1) Parish Community i.e. active welcoming committee, more parish social events

2) Education/Faith Formation – provide a vibrant k – 12 Rel. Ed./youth ministry, active spiritual formation for adults, continue to support Catholic school education,

3) Outreach become a community that is more aware of our responsibility to Catholic Social Teaching,

4) Collaborative Leadership dream of pastoral/clerical leadership working with laity, hire a lay parish administrator to free up the pastor, strengthen parish committees, transparent and clear a communication between committees, clergy and to parishioners.

5) Liturgy & Worship – have life-giving liturgies i.e. – celebrants with a charism to enhance worship, who give clear and loud homilies that relate all age groups, vibrant music, Liturgy Committee, training for all liturgical ministers, encourage more liturgical volunteers.

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