From the Pastor – Nativity of our Lord, 2016

frmnicks_mug_smallChristmas—this is a day in which, throughout the world, Christians gather to celebrate with festive joy the birth of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a celebration that touches every land, nation, people, and tongue. The joy of His birth is with such power that even those who do not profess His name feel themselves lifted up inexplicably by the strength of it.

The power of this day does not only extended throughout the world, but throughout time. Generation after generation this joy ripples forth from the infant cradled in the arms of the Virgin to the present day. In every age it has inspired saints and mystics, poets, and artists to express the mystery of the Christ Child’s birth.

From this deep and broad fount, I would like to share a brief Christmas meditation from the Great St. Augustine, whose reflections from centuries ago so eloquently express the timeless mystery of the savior’s birth.


My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord, of that Lord by whom all things were made and who was made flesh amid all the works of His hands; who is the Revealer of His Father, the Creator of His Mother;

Son of God born of the Father without a mother, Son of Man born of a mother without a father;

The great Day of the angels, small in the day of men; the Word as God existing before all time, the Word as flesh existing only for an allotted time;

The Creator of the sun created under the light of the sun; ordering all ages from the bosom of His Father, from the womb of His Mother consecrating this day; remaining there, yet proceeding hither;

Maker of heaven and earth brought forth on this earth overshadowed by the heavens; unspeakably wise, wisely speechless;

Filling the whole world, lying in a manger; guiding the stars, a nursling at the breast; though insignificant in the form of man, so great in the form of God that His greatness was not lessened by His insignificance nor was His smallness crushed by His might. […]

When clothed in the weakness of our flesh He was received, not imprisoned, in the Virgin’s womb so that without the Food of Wisdom being withdrawn from the angels we might taste how sweet is the Lord!


As we gather to taste the sweetness of the Lord, I wish to extend a warm welcome to all who are gathered together today: guests and parishioners alike. May the light of Jesus’ coming fill us with joy and may his peace reign in our hearts.

Merry Christmas!

In Christ our Infant King,
Fr. Nicks

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