Catholic Social Concerns Ministry

US Conference of Bishops:
This spring the Conference is focusing on three important issues: 1. Improving Health & Health Care 2. Standing in Solidarity with Refugees 3. Poverty-Reducing International Assistance. Catholics across the nation will be approaching their Congressional Representatives in their own districts to advocate for these issues this April, date not yet determined. If you would like to participate, contact Scott Cooper of Catholic Charities,

Pope Francis on health care: “ Health is not a consumer good but a universal right, so access to health care cannot be a privilege.” Catholic News Service, 5/8/16

On immigrants: “Each person is precious; persons are more important than things, and the worth of an institution is measured by the way it treats the life and dignity of human beings, particularly when they are vulnerable,as in the case of child migrants…We need to work towards protection,integration, and long term solutions.” Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2017

Diocese of Spokane, Immigration & Refugee Legal Services: “We believe in the dignity & rights of all people. Our primary goals are to promote the reunification of families & to assist the integration of newcomers successfully into our community.” Call 509-455-4961 to make an appointment. At this time those wishing to meet with Diocesan immigration lawyers will need to go to Spokane or Pasco.

Guatemala Mission: Please remember to contribute to the life changing programs of the Diocesan Guatemala Mission. St. Patrick’s & St. Francis are especially focused on supporting Our Lady of the Highways Preschool, religious education, and the radio station which helps family members & friends stay in touch over the miles and provides news of important community issues. St. Patrick’s parishioners recently received a special Guatemala envelope. But you may also write a check to your parish designating Guatemala Mission.

Homeless Tent Camp: Walla Walla City Council recently voted to continue support of the homeless tent camp behind Borleske Stadium on a long term basis. What a blessing for folks waiting for more permanent housing to have a place to stay! Hopefully it will be possible to provide shelter sturdier than tents, though portable, for next winter. The WW Alliance for the Homeless will continue to support the camp. Cash donations, LED lanterns, large tarps, propane tanks & bottles, gas for the generator, fire wood, are most welcome. Please send cash donations to WW Alliance for the Homeless, PO Box 3431, Walla Walla, WA. Needed items may be taken to the camp from noon-5 pm, M-F. Thank you for your support!

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