Catholic Social Concerns Ministry

Pope Francis’ New Year’s Resolutions: 1. Make time for others. 2. Don’t gossip 3. Stop judging others. 4. Befriend those who disagree. 5. Meet the poor ‘in the flesh.’ 6. Finish your meals. 7. Choose the ‘more humble’ purchase. 8. Make commitments, such as marriage. 9. Make it a habit ‘to ask the Lord: What do you want me to do? What path am I to follow?’ 10. Be happy. ―The Christian sings with joy, and walks, and carries this joy. This joy should translate to love of neighbor.’ Rappler, Paterno Esmaquel, overview of Pope Francis’ advice to his flock

Guatemala Mission: Don’t forget how important our contributions are to maintaining the Guatemala Mission. Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the world. Pope Pius XII asked more affluent diocese, like the Spokane diocese, to partner with diocese in need in the 1950’s. Since then conditions have improved dramatically for the Mayan people in Solala, Guatemala: education, medical care, religious instruction, etc. have now become staffed primarily by Guatemalans themselves. Father Baronti and Sisters Marie & Immaculata dedicated most of their lives to help. However, Guatemalans still rely on financial assistance from us to help maintain and develop these crucial programs. St. Patrick’s parishioners February 24 envelope is for Guatemala. Some from all 3 parishes give on a monthly or quarterly basis. Please make a big difference in the lives of Guatemalan children and adults by making a regular donation of $10/month or more. More donations are needed.

Human Trafficking: Did you know that human trafficking, a cause of great suffering, is a big problem in nearly every community? To learn more about what’s happening and how we can help stop it, go to

Thank you so much to those who have donated funds & help to the Warming Center: United Way, designate Warming Center, PO Box 1134, Walla Walla, WA.

A big thank you also to those who have donated to Catholic Charities, the GOTR tent camp, Christian Aid, BMAC & St. Vincent’s food banks, Helpline Giving Trees, and toy drives.

What a loving community! Blessings in 2017!

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