Catholic Social Concerns Ministry

Advent Wreath, 3rd candle, pink, represents hope.

Pope Francis: “In our times, which seem so dark, we often feel lost in the face of the wickedness and the violence that surround us.” We may even feel “discouraged, because we feel powerless, and it seems the darkness might never end.” “It is the little ones who know they must keep faith alive. Let us allow ourselves to teach hope, to faithfully await the coming of the Lord, and whatever desert we might have in our life will become a flowering garden.”

Warming Center: Now that life threatening cold weather has arrived, the Congregational Church, under the auspices of United Way, has once again opened its doors to the homeless, on nights with temperatures below 20 degrees, or 25 degrees on nights with precipitation. Those of you who attended volunteer training in September and October are now greatly needed for 3 hour shifts from 7 pm-8 am.

If trained volunteers have not yet been contacted and want to help, please contact Kristen at United Way,, 529-1183. Everyone can help with much needed cash donations to United Way, designated Warming Center. Helpers are also needed for clean up and set up.

Homeless needs in cold weather: Please bring warm sleeping bags, blankets, socks, hats, gloves, thermal underwear, coats, boots, jeans, etc. to Helpline.

GOTR Homeless Tent Camp: About 40 campers are really enjoying the donated large winter tent with wood stove. Firewood, 5/8 inch or thicker plywood, sleeping mats, and large tarps are always welcome. Donations are accepted 12-6 pm, Monday-Friday, when volunteer is present, or call 541-203-0122.

Helpline Giving Tree, St. Patrick’s and St. Francis: Toys for Tots, Assumption: Thank you so much for your generous gifts which will bring Christmas cheer to many in need!

Feed the Hungry: Please remember to bring nonperishable food items, and/or checks written to BMAC Food Bank, every Sunday.

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