Catholic Social Concerns Ministry

Pope Francis: “Advent …returns us to the horizon of hope, a hope that does not disappoint because it is founded on the word of God…He is faithful…Advent is a journey of the people of God with Jesus Christ, our shepherd, who guides us in history towards the completion of the Kingdom of God.”

“Let us discover the beauty of being together along the way: the Church, with her vocation and mission, and the whole of humanity, the people, the civilizations, the cultures, all together on the paths of time.”

Helpline Giving Tree: St. Patrick’s and St. Francis: Please return your gift today! It will make a world of difference to someone in need. Money for heat and bus passes, twin and full blankets, shampoo, bar soap, deodorant, toilet paper, sanitary supplies, razors, toothpaste and brushes, etc. Make check donations payable to your parish with notation “Helpline Giving Tree”. If you forgot to bring your gift item today, please leave it at St. Patrick’s parish office.

Toys for Tots: Assumption: Please help a little one in need have a happy Christmas! Return your toy today! If you forgot it, please leave it at the Assumption office.

Fair Trade Breakfast: Thank you to everyone who attended the Fair Trade Breakfast and Fair Trade craft, coffee and chocolate sale December 4! A special thank you to the Fazzari family cooks, the Assumption Middle School servers and Social Concerns Committee volunteers, especially Judy Pinney who is organizing the Fair Trade gift sale. Contact her at 301-0105, Proceeds will benefit the artisans, the Guatemala Mission and efforts to help the homeless in Walla Walla. Exact profits to be announced soon.

Homeless needs increase with cold weather: Please bring warm blankets, sleeping bags, socks, hats, gloves, thermal underwear, coats, boots, etc. for the homeless to Helpline.

GOTR Homeless Tent Camp: Most needed supplies: firewood, large tarps, camping mats to be used under sleeping bags, 5/8 inch or thicker plywood for platforms for tents. Bring to camp at foot of Veterans Memorial Golf Course behind Borleske Stadium from 12 noon-6 pm, M-F, when volunteer is present, or call 541-203-0122.

Feed the Hungry: Please remember to bring much needed, non-perishable, food items and/or checks written to BMAC food bank every Sunday of Advent.


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