Catholic Social Concerns Ministry

Pope Francis’ answer to Thierry’s question, age 7, Australia: “Why are lots of people so poor and have no food? Can God give the poor people food like he fed the 5000 people?” Answer: “Yes, yes, he can do that! And he continues to do so. At that time Jesus gave bread to the disciples to distribute to all the people. If Jesus’ disciples had not passed out the food, the people would have still been hungry. See, there is bread! And there is enough for everyone! The real problem is that some of those who have plenty do not want to share it with others. The problem is not Jesus, but the mean and selfish people who want to keep their abundance all for themselves…We have to learn to share our wealth and the food we have. That way, there will be enough for all, and everyone will be happy.” From Dear Pope Francis, c1916

Food Drive: A huge thank you to all of you who contributed to the food drive for the food banks last week! It was thrilling to see all those food bags in front of the altar! If you forgot your bag, bring it next week! A special thank you to Rick Eskil, and Anna & Sadie Jones, for preparing the bags, to all those who handed out the bags, and to those who will take the bags to St. Vincent’s & BMAC: Jerry Anhorn, Don Martuscelli, and Judy & Chris Pinney.

Tri-Parish Garden:
Help every Saturday through October for weeding, cleaning, friendship, and planting. Weekly harvest dates to start soon. Nancy Wenzel, 629-2863.

GOTR Temporary Homeless Camp, 54 residents, 9/25/16. Present Needs: winter tents, tarps at least 10X12, men’s & women’s underwear, medium & large, warm socks, warm sleeping bags, hygiene items. Please take other clothes to donate to Helpline to distribute. Contact Beth Call for more information, 529-0216. October 12, WW City Council will decide on how best to help the homeless during the winter. One possibility is to keep GOTR open, but winter tents would be necessary. Come listen and tell your ideas about a good solution!

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