Catholic Social Concerns Ministry

Pope Francis: “We are in front of a global scandal of around one billion – one billion people who still suffer from hunger today. We cannot look the other way and pretend this does not exist.” 12/2013

Feed the Hungry: Many thanks to all who last weekend took home an empty bag to fill with groceries to place in front of the altar this weekend! As a parish community we can accomplish so much more than we can as individuals, following Jesus’ and St. Vincent’s examples, of reaching out to the poor. “Whatever you do for one of these, the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me.” If you forgot to bring back your bag this weekend, just bring it back next! Cash contributions are also most welcome, enabling BMAC to buy 6X as much food as we can at local grocery stores. Please make a habit of bringing food and/or a donation every week.

Helping the Homeless in WW: The Congregational Church, Palouse and Alder, tall steeple, will again provide a location for the Warming Center, November-February. Kristin Sayers, new volunteer coordinator with United Way, will conduct a training session for new volunteers this coming Wednesday, September 28, 6-8 pm, at the Congregational Church. Volunteers work in pairs, 3 hour shifts, from 6 pm-7 am., on nights with temperatures below 25 degrees. Many have found volunteering to be an eye opening and rewarding experience.

GOTR temporary homeless camp, sponsored by the City of WW and the WW Alliance for the Homeless is next to the Veterans’ Memorial Golf Course. It is now providing a safe place to live for an increasing number of homeless folks, 48!, from 6 years old to 85! Present needs: tents, including winter tents, tarps at least 10X12, men’s and women’s underwear, medium and large, warm sleeping bags, hygiene items. Please take other clothes to donate to Helpline which will distribute them. Contact Beth Call, 529-0216,

Carnival: A big thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to provide an afternoon of fun for everyone and to raise much appreciated funds for St. Patrick’s Parish.

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