Assumption Parish Library News

The season for the coming of Our Lord is upon us.  A beautiful way to prepare for the Advent and Christmas seasons is reading a book that inspires and increases our love for the Word made flesh. Two books are highlighted this season at the library’s check-out desk:  “Encounters With Jesus, Forty Gospel Portraits for Meditation on the Birth of Christ”, by David E. Rosage, is written like personal letters, drawing us closer to the story of the Incarnation by highlighting some of the people who played a vital role in the events surrounding the Nativity. “The Lamb’s Supper, The Mass As Heaven On Earth” by Scott Hahn, reveals  the mysteries and the beauty of the Mass, as well as the book of Revelation with its mystic visions of Heaven and its end-of-time prophecies.  Scott Hahn helps us understand its meaning, as it mirrors the sacrifice and celebration of the Eucharist.  Happy Advent, and Merry Christmas!

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