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Live Broadcast of “Time With the Bishop’, July 14.

Bishop Thomas Daly will host a one-hour live edition, from noon– 1pm on Sacred Heart Radio. KTTO 970 AM in Spokane.

Please call with questions and comments for interaction with Bishop Daly: 509-327-3695.

or email to:

or write:

Time with the Bishop
Communications Office, Diocese of Spokane
P.O. Box 1453
Spokane, WA 99210-1453

Liturgy of the Word

If the gathering rite has done its job, it has helped us become a unified worshiping community and disposed us to listen to God’s word in Scripture. God’s word is living, and it is proclaimed by a living person. An important part of the dynamic of hearing God’s word is seeing the person proclaiming, and especially, listening. This living word is proclaimed to us as individuals and to us as a church community. It is the story of our salvation, the story of God working in our lives. It is a story of past history, of God’s activity in our lives today, and of the future that is to come.

New Assignments

Fr. Pedro Bautista Peraza
Sacred Heart Parish
214 S. 5th St
P.O. Box 548
Brewster, WA 98812

Fr. Brian Sattler
St. Joseph Parish
3720 E. Colbert Rd
Colbert, WA 99005

Workshop on “Cherishing Creation”

Workshop on “Cherishing Creation” July 19-23 at the University of Portland.

Keynote speakers: retired Bishop Skylstad, Archbishop Thomas Wenski, Dr. Pat McCormick, Sister Kathleen McManus.

Christian Aid Center

Christian Aid Center needs volunteers for to provide direct services for guests staying at the shelter: Childcare, 9-10 am, Mon.– Fri.; Barbers/Hairstylists; Registered Nurses (active/retired) to provide simple health screening and education. Call Jeannette at 525-7153, ext. 114.

The Opening Prayer

The Opening Prayer concludes the gathering rite or Introductory Rites of the Mass. It is the prayer of the people. The presider says, “Let us pray.” The pause that follows is not to give the altar server time to bring the book to the presider. It is a time that the members of the assembly are given for their own prayer. In the early church, the members of the assembly voiced their prayers out loud. When this had gone on for a time, the presider said a concluding prayer that collected all the prayers voiced by the people and summed them up, bringing the communal prayer to an end. Before Vatican II that prayer was known as the Collect. Now it is called the Opening Prayer. The Opening Prayer is called that because it is the first “presidential” prayer of the liturgy, that is, the first prayer that the presider voices in the name of the people. However, his part of the prayer is the conclusion to the prayer that we are all to have said in response to the invitation, “Let us pray.”

Thank you from Sr. Helen Mason, S.P.

“Thank you to all of you in our three parishes for your love and support and kindness to me, and the Sisters of Providence who visited here, for my Golden Jubilee June 12 at St. Patrick’s. Fr. Pedro really supported my plans and gave me the celebration I was hoping for! I thank all of you who helped in any way and for those who donated to the parish or the Sisters of Providence or me. I am happy to say to you that I am staying in Walla Walla, and I ask your prayers at this time.”


Sr. Helen Mason, S.P.

Second Harvest Mobile Food Bank

Thank you to Kay Barga, the Boy Scouts and all the volunteers who helped distribute 8000 lbs of produce to those in need last Tuesday!

Tri-Parish Garden Work Party

Tri-Parish Garden Work Party: Saturday, June 27, from 7-noon. Weeding, wood chip moving, new lawn preparation and chainsaw work. Help us get ready for our new harvest shed and Bishop’s dedication. Children welcome!

Contact Nancy,

Weekly Garden Work Sessions: Tuesdays, 6:30 pm-dusk.

Tri-Parish Annual Picnic

June 14 from 2p.m. – 4p.m.

DeSales High School, Front Yard

Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs
Families A-M please bring desserts
Families N-Z please bring side dish-salads

Questions or to volunteer please call:
Marguerite Daltoso @ 525-1112
Pam Elia @ 529-9418
St. Francis Parish office 525-1663

The Gloria

The Gloria is used on all Sundays and major feasts throughout the year except during Lent and Advent; is a hymn and should be sung rather than recited; is a hymn to praise God for God’s mercy and to acclaim the presence of the risen Lord in our midst; is omitted during Lent because of the church’s desire to focus on the penitential aspect of that season, and during Advent because for a time the church also viewed that season as penitential. That Advent has never been considered as having the same penitential cast as Lent is shown by the fact that the Alleluia continues to be sung during Advent. The Gloria is omitted and in contrast comes back joyfully in the angels’ song at Christmas.

DeSales Football Team Car Wash

After the Sunday masses, June 21st at Assumption. Proceeds to benefit Catholic Charities and Birthright.