Thanks to all who contribute to our Guatemalan efforts. Our diocese recently received a report from the various groups to whom we send aid. Please see the article in the Inland Register to read about it.

Assumption School: Colegio Nahuala
Assumption Church: Pastoral care in Nahuala
St. Francis: Seminarians
St. Patrick and St. Francis: Pastoral care in Ixtlahuacan, Nawal Estereo, and Our Lady of the HWY Preschool

Many Thanks!

To all of you who contributed so much to the school supplies drive. Your gifts are making a big difference to hundreds of students and homeless teenagers. Over $800 in cash donations from the 3 parishes, and 3 Honda Civics crammed with supplies from St. Patrick’s alone, plus generous donations from St. Francis and Assumption! God Bless you!


Middle School and High School Students

Nick Castoldi, Youth Minister Coordinator, 525-1602

Middle School Youth ministry groups will begin Thursday, October 9th.

High School Youth ministry groups will begin Wednesday, October 8th.

Fr. Ron Rolheiser’s “Blessings”

Advent DVD presentation and discussion – Fr. Ron Rolheiser’s “Blessings”, Friday, December 5th at 6:30p.m. in the St. John of the Cross room in St. Patrick’s parish hall. (1 night session)

Bishop Skylstad

Bishop Skylstad to speak on Pope Francis’ letter – Joy of the Gospel. November 18, 19, 20 (Tues – Thurs) 7p.m. – 9p.m. in the St. Patrick’s Blanchet Hall. See the handouts in the church foyer for more information.

Stewardship Reflection: September 28th

The first son in today’s Gospel said he would do his father’s bidding, but did not. The second son balked at first, but then repented and did as he was asked. What service is God calling me to do? Which son am I more like?

Assumption Parish Library

Come discover inspiration and fulfill your spiritual desires, in our growing Parish Library. October is the month Pope Francis has designated as a time to focus on and celebrate the family. We have a nice collection in that category. A category not always easily noticed and to the far left, under the Bible/Reference section, is ‘About the Bible’.

If you have not returned your book(s), please do so in a timely manner in the turquoise bin (6 weeks is our guideline).

We accept only Catholic materials. No secular books or magazines.

Tri-Parish Catholic Mom’s Group

Tri-Parish Catholic Mom’s group invites you to join us in studying the Oremus “Let’s Pray” series to foster an “effective and fruitful prayer life.” Kids are always welcome. Contact Helen at 540-0521

Youth Group

Volunteers are needed to work with the leaders (Fr. David and Nic Castoldi) with the middle school/high school Youth Group.

Interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee?

A group currently meets at 2 pm on Sundays at DeSales. ALL AGES ARE WELCOME!! Contact David at: