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Assumption Library Book Fair

Tuesday, March 3rd from 3-5 PM. Wednesday and Thursday March 4th and 5th from 8 AM-8 PM and Sunday morning 9:30-12:30 PM. The books are from Scholastic and this is held in the Assumption gym.

Assumption Community Garden

Saturday, March 28, 9 am – 1 pm join the cleanup crew to launch this year’s garden! Much of the produce is donated to local food banks. Contact Nancy Wenzel, 509-683-2863, “Seed money” is also welcome. Write a check to Assumption church with designation to community garden.

Tri-Parish Senior Potluck Luncheon

The next Tri-Parish luncheon will be Thursday, March 19, at St. Francis Parish Hall, at 11:30 am., with Fr. David Gaines sharing on his vocation. Please bring a salad or main dish to share. Table service, beverages, and desserts provided. All seniors and those who assist them are always welcome!

Entrance Procession

Who is part of the entrance procession?

We all are.

As we come from our homes and gather from various locations, we begin the great procession into the church building. When we have gathered and it is time to begin, the ministers conclude the procession by following us into the building. Our participation at this time is to sing the gathering song.

Cultural experience for families

DeSales High School is looking for hosts families for the 2015-2016 school year. If you would be willing to share your family and home with a student from China, please call the DeSales Business Office at 525-3030. Students arrive in August and stay through the school year. A stipend is offered.

St. Patrick Parish

St. Patrick parish, in honor of its patron saint, St. Patrick, invites the Catholic community to a mass on March 17, 6:00 pm in the St. Patrick church, followed by a potluck. Families with last names beginning with A – L are asked to bring a salad or side dish, enough to share with others in the group. Families with the last name from M – Z are asked to bring a main hot dish or dessert to share. Anyone interested in helping with this event please contact the St. Patrick parish office.

Know Love and Serve Committee

Know Love and Serve committee meets February 28, with the three parish councils and Brian Kraut Director, Parish Support and Renewal Services from the Spokane Diocese. KLS committee will present the Catholic Community Dreams from the surveys parishioners completed last year along with dreams from the open meetings held in each parish. 

Gathering Song

What is the function of the gathering song? The gathering song serves to form us into a community, preparing us to worship as a unified body. It is the first formal act of the liturgy that we do together. The singing together, even breathing together as we sing, helps us to become the one body that is gathered for worship. It focuses us on what we are about to do. It frequently brings to our awareness the focus of the day’s celebration. Like the homily, the intercessions, and the prayers, the music is chosen to reflect the readings of the day. The gathering song should help us to become aware of ourselves as a unified community gathered for worship.

Lent Reconciliation Services

Wednesday March 11th St Patrick’s @ 7:00 pm

Wednesday March 18th St Francis @ 3:30 pm

Wednesday March 25th Assumption @ 6:00 pm

Note: On these dates confessions at St. Patrick’s @ 4:30 pm are cancelled

Catholics confront global poverty

Catholics confront global poverty – initiated by CRS and US Conference of Bishops, was the theme as hundreds of Catholic leaders met in Washington DC Feb. 10 as part of the 2015 Catholic Social Ministry gathering. They urged members of Congress to “care for people who are poor and vulnerable, such as Iraqi and Syrian refugees facing a harsh winter to promote a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, and prioritize the eradication of poverty.” Add your voice by e-mailing your Senators and Congress woman.

World Day of Prayer

Fellowship and Service will be held on March 6 at Central Christian Church, 66 S. Palouse, Walla Walla. A fellowship time with refreshments will begin at 10:30 am. The prayer service will begin at 11:00 am and end by noon. All members of the community are invited. It is sponsored by Church Women United (CWU).

Baptismal Fonts

With Vatican II we once again began to look at baptism as a sacrament to be celebrated in the midst of the assembly, that is, in the context of the whole community. For practical purposes the baptismal font was placed up front so the assembly could see the action. However, newer church buildings are being constructed with the font near the entrance, and within sight of the assembly, so that the symbolism of coming into the church through the waters of baptism is once again evident.

At the same time, with the font at the entrance to the church, it makes the many small fonts unnecessary, and allows us to bless ourselves with the water from the font, a closer connection to our own baptism. Each time we bless ourselves this way, it can be a conscious renewal of our baptismal commitment and an affirmation of our right and duty to worship as part of the Body of Christ called by God into an assembled people.