Thomas Smith Speaking in Walla Walla, WA (St. Patrick Church) – 10/12/2015

A three night presentation in English to the Walla Walla (and surrounding small towns) Catholic community.

Mr. Smith will speak on ” Word, Worship and Works of Mercy” over three evenings, with Q & A and social time to follow each presentation. This event is being called a mission and will be open to the Walla Walla Catholic community and to anyone else who would like to attend. This event starts off the Know Love & Serve – Priority 1 (Leadership and Faith Formation) set by the Spokane diocese. This year the Walla Walla Catholic community will focus especially on the role of discipleship.

More information here.

Give The Gift Of Sight

Recycle your old glasses. A Knights of Columbus project.

The Word of God and Community

The word of God is meant for the community. In the United States, we have an individualistic notion of religion. We tend to relate to God as individuals. This is very different from the Jewish concept of the religious community. God took the people of Israel as the chosen people, not as individuals, but as a whole people. As the people of God gathered by God’s call and assembled in Christ’s name, we become the Body of Christ in this assembled community. As the church we have a special relationship with Christ, with God. During the liturgy we pray that God look not on our sins, but on the faith of God’s church. We address God in this way because of our relationship through baptism with the greater community of the church.

Firefighters and Victims of Fires

Firefighters and victims of fires need our prayers and support more than ever!

Food For The Hungry

Please remember to bring non-perishable food items when you come to Mass. Cash donations allow BMAC to get more bang for the buck! Write a check payable to BMAC, c/o your parish, and drop it in the collection basket.

Human Trafficking

Join a committee to discuss this terrible victimization of the vulnerable and to develop a program to educate the community on what we can do to combat it. (Program will be presented next spring.) Contact Judy and Chris Pinney, or Casey Burns

Catholic Daughters

Meeting, September 8 at St. Patrick’s John of the Cross room. Rosary, 6:30 pm. This tri-parish organization joins like-minded women who want to meet the needs of our church. New members welcome. Sharon, 525-3120 for questions.

Late Night Catechism

Catholic Charities is hosting a production of Late Night Catechism, September 12th at the Gesa Power House Theatre at 7:30 pm (doors open at 6:30 for social hour and raffle tickets). Tickets: or, 529-6500.

Responsorial Psalm II

Why is the psalm called “responsorial?” In a certain sense, the psalm is a response to the first reading. The name, however, derives from the fact that it is in an antiphonal “call and response” format. It is representative of the dialogical nature of the liturgy itself, sort of a “conversational” form of prayer. This is why it is important to use musical settings that honor that format, rather than hymns that are based on psalms, but which have no repeated antiphon.

Women of Faith

Women of Faith is a gathering of women for education and faith sharing, starts October 22, with a 9 week DVD series, “The Early Christians”, which meets in the St. John of the Cross room, from 1-3 on Thursday. Please contact St. Patrick’s office to sign up.